A Little Boy!

Not many weeks left

Till you hold him in your arms.

He'll win you over right away

With all his little boy charms.

As you watch him grow

Right before your eyes,

You'll laugh each time he laughs

And cry each time he cries.

One day you'll see across the room

As he looks right back at you,

He'll do just what you said

You didn't want him to.

You'll have so many things

You want to teach him, too,

How to get across the street,

How to tie his shoe,

What is up, what is down,

Which is left and right,

When to entertain your guests

And when to say good night.

When he's left your loving nest,

No matter where he's gone,

You'll look for letters he will write,

Or wait for calls on the phone.

He'll be the light of your life

Even across the miles.

And every time you hear from him,

You'll be left with love and smiles.

So even though across the years

There may be bumpy days,

Remember the boy you hold right now

Is on the inside always.

Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998