God's Gift


Any gift that man could give

Is simply just a token.

But Jesus Christ is God's dear gift

Through whom to us He's spoken.


Born in sin was every man,

There's nothing we can do

To enter into heaven's bliss

When life on earth is through.


Sinful man's destiny

In God's Word is found.

Without the Savior's cleansing power,

For eternal death he's bound.


But God has made a way for us

Through Christ His only Son.

By His death upon the cross

Victory over death is won.


If you but trust in Christ's sweet name,

Acknowledge the price He paid,

God will make you His dear child,

Just as His Word has said.


Receive Him as your Savior now,

Eternal life He'll give.

When earthly life is over

With Him you'll ever live.


So His gift to you this day

Is this message sweet,

Receive Him as your Savior now,

Then in Heaven one day we'll meet.

Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998