A Little Girl!


Not much time is left till your little girl arrives.

She'll change your whole world right before your eyes.

It might turn out she's frills and fluff,

or maybe tomboy wild and ruff.

Right away she'll smile and flirt.

She'll get it across that she's cute and pert.

Before too long she'll be right in the kitchen

Letting you know she's ready to pitch in.

She'll stir and bake and cook and clean,

But only, of course, until she's a teen.

Across the time as years fly by,

she'll bring you joy and tears.

She'll share her ups and downs

and all her hopes and fears.

Don't look left, don't look right,

For she'll grow to a woman over night.

Soon after that you'll wake up to find

She's gone away to educate her mind.

Then "Mr. Right" will come along

And suddenly your little girl is gone.

One day she'll bring to you her own girl or boy

and you'll discover then a new kind of joy.

And what is left? Beginnings anew.

The little girl now a mom--just like you.


Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998