Your Little Girl Is Growing Up


Your little girl is growing up.

Have you noticed it yet?

She's losing her little girl innocence.

She's like a stranger you've never met.


Sometimes she still giggles and plays

Like the little girl she's been.

Then she turns into someone new,

And you wish she'd turn back again.


She "hates" everything one day,

Then "loves" it all the next.

Her mood swings from angry to happy,

And everything is all fixed.


First she wants to wear jeans

And be your baby today.

Then she wants to wear make-up,

And tells you to go away.


It's all part of growing up,

So enjoy it while you can.

For too soon she'll be a teenager

And then change into a woman.


The only way to keep her close to you,

And you will if you are smart,

Is to cherish each moment of each day

And store them in your heart.


Then when this precious little girl

Is just a memory,

You can reach within your heart

Where you still can see

All the wonders you have saved

For such a time as this

When you wish you could find

That precious little girl

To give her a hug and kiss!


Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998