The Lord Is My Shepherd

(based on Psalm 23)


The Lord is my Shepherd

And I His sheep indeed.

He supplies today, tomorrow, forever

All I could ever need.


He gives me rest

When all around is turmoil.

He gives me meat for body and soul

For which I did not toil.


He drenches my thirsty soul

In life-giving springs.

He leads in ways of righteousness

So my soul of His name sings.


And when I face the shadow of death

And fear would win over me,

He comforts me, takes fear away

And sets my weary soul free.


Enemies are put to shame

And cannot triumph over me.

God is on my side, you know.

He fights my battles, you see.


He gives me more than I

Could ever want or need.

He's with me all my earthly life,

And on to heaven He'll lead.


Then I will dwell in His house

For all eternity.

In His presence now and then,

What more could He offer me?


Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998