God Speaks to Us


Moses had to go to the mountain top

To receive the law from God.

Others went through the priest

While walking earthly sod.

Aaron had the special task

To know the will of God

For all of Israel's throng

As through this life they trod.


But now God works in a special way

His child to lead along.

His Spirit He puts within the heart

To make the Christian strong.

And when that child yields to Him,

The Spirit keeps from wrong,

Giving to the child of God

Within his heart a song.


Sometimes it seems it would be best

If God just spoke aloud

To show His child which way to go

When pulled along by the crowd.

But through His Word He speaks to us,

And though it's not aloud,

His Spirit guides and strengthens us.

His will He shall never becloud.

Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998