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To Faith, my faithful help meet and best friend, as well as the many faithful believers that have supported us in prayer and finance over the years of our ministry.

A few items of introduction:

Please honor the copyright of these files in your use of the work. I plan to give wide latitude in distribution, but RETAIN THE RIGHT TO CONTROL DISTRIBUTION. If you want to pass this work on to others, please feel free to do so. The copyright laws forbid the resale of such products for your gain. In distributing the work, you may charge for media and a small copy charge. The total charge should not need to be more than double the cost of the disk and postage.

In writing this material, I was interested in making information available for helping others in their work of the Great Commission. I have desired no profit from the effort and trust that each of you will use it to God's glory and honor. His glory and honor has been my life's work and I trust that it is your goal as well.

I trust that the Lord will be able to use the efforts that have gone into this work for His glory and for the furtherance of the Great Commission!

Here is a little information about the author so that you can know where he is coming from even if you can't figure out where he is going. HA!

I have pastored, interim pastored and copastored churches over the years. These have been self-support type ministries. I taught at a Bible Institute for four years. This is where the title for this book came from. The school attempted to bring about a respect between student and teacher by upholding the tradition of the students addressing the faculty as Mr. Derickson, etc. In my first year of teaching the students found that Mr. Derickson took too much time, so they shortened it to Mr. D. This title carried with it the same respect, yet to me, seemed to carry with it also a note of familiarity, which I appreciated.

My education is as follows:

B.A. from Denver Baptist Bible College and Seminary (Now part of Faith Bible College.)

Th.B. from Western Baptist College, Salem, OR

Th.M. from Toledo Bible College and Seminary

Ph.D. from Trinity Seminary, Newburgh, IN.

  I am listed in the 1977-78 copy of the book "THE DEAN'S LIST"

I have been listed in various versions and years of the Marquis
series of Who's Who

Hold the Evangelical Teacher Training Association Teachers Diploma

Have articles published in the IFCA "VOICE," and the "BAPTIST BULLETIN."

My wife and I were on deputation for five years with WEFMinistries (Now Biblical Ministries Worldwide). We were unable to raise our support, and felt that the Lord was telling us that He wanted us to minister in the United States.
 We have supported ourselves through secular work most of our lives serving in small works that are unable to support a pastor.

I will admit to you now that this work is very strong on missions and fundamentalism. I believe these are two topics that the fundamental churches of America have forgotten to teach to the present generation. I trust that you will be challenged by the work.



THANKS for taking time to read this and for abiding by my wishes in the use of

the works.

Stanley L. Derickson 2-1-2016