Copyright Rev. Stanley L. Derickson Ph.D. 1992



This is a test I have given to classes on eschatology before the study begins. It is a study that will show you what you know or don't know, as the case may be. Feel free to leave blanks or guess to your hearts desire. As you progress through the study you will be able to check your answers.

List the following items on the time line provided below.


Church Age



Lake of Fire

Resurrection of the dead Church age

Translation of the living church age

Resurrection of the Jews

Resurrection of the lost

Great White Throne

Judgment seat of Christ

Satan's captivity



Define the following terms:

1. The Rapture:

2. Partial rapture:

3. Tribulation:

4. The Great Tribulation:

5. Midtribulationism:

6. Posttribulationism:

7. Millennium:

8. Amillennialism:

9. Premillennialism:

10. Postmillennialism:

11. Kingdom Theology:

12. Covenant Theology:

13. The Great White Throne:

14. The Judgment Seat of Christ:

15. Heaven:

16. Hell:

17. Allegorical interpretation:

18. Literal interpretation: