Copyright Rev. Stanley L. Derickson Ph.D. 1992




The Church: The church is a living organism composed of all believers of the church age. The believers are the body, and Christ is the Head of that body. (In this study we will be looking at the universal church and not the local church.)

Eph 1:22-23; I Cor. 12:13

The Kingdom: The earthly reign of Jesus Christ upon the earth for one thousand years. It includes the following:

A king, A land, A people.

Luke 1:31-33; Gen. 15:18; Zech. 14:9; Matt 25:31-34

The church and kingdom compared:

A mystery to the           The kingdom is the emphasis
Old Testament people       of the Old Testament
Eph 3:1-9                  Isa 9:7
Col 1:26-27                Psa 145:11-13
                           Dan 7:14
                           Obadiah 21
The church has a heavenly  The kingdom emphasis is 
emphasis                   the earth
Phil 3:20                  Gen 12:1
                           Deut 28:7,13
The church was planned     The kingdom promised 
before creation            to Israel
Eph 1:4                    Matt 25:34
The church has heavenly    The kingdom has earthly
characteristics            characteristics
Gal 3:26ff                 Matt 8:11
Col 3:9-11                 Zech 14:16-21
                           Zech 8:22-23
The church involves        The kingdom involves 
spiritual blessings        material blessings
Eph 1:3                    Gen 12:1-3
                           Gen 24:34-35
                           Deut 8:7-9
The church is built up     The kingdom will be set up
by the saints
Eph 2:19-22                Dan 2:44
Christ is the head         Christ is the king of Israel
of the Church              and will reign on the earth
Eph 1:22-23                Isa 9:6-7
Col 1:18                   Luke 1:31-33
                           Rev 19:11-16
                           Zech 14:9
The church began at        The kingdom will begin
Pentecost and will be      at the coming of 
raptured before the        Christ
Acts 2:1-4                 Luke 19:11-27
I Thess 4:16-17            Dan 7:9-14
Eph 3:20-21                Rev 11:15
                           I Cor 15:20-28