The Layman Is Not Lame


The layman is not lame.

He has a gift the same

as those who preach or teach

God's Word and Christ's dear Name.


Each person has a gift;

use it to uplift

others in the Church.

Don't hesitate! Be swift!


Everyone is a runner in the race,

so be ready to embrace

each member of the body

no matter what his place.


If we show God's love,

follow His lead from above,

using the gifts He gives us,

blessing will come from above.


And if God gives to you to lead,

remember and give heed,

it doesn't make you better or worse

than those you are to feed.


And if to follow is your call,

to do what seems so small,

remember that in God's eyes

each task done is key to all.

Faith L. Derickson

Copyright 1998